What do people say ?

I have been in and out of correctional facilities since I was a child. I had these psychotic experiences where I would lose complete control and normally end up in a police cell with no recollection of what I had done. I became good at recognizing the signals of an upcoming attack and would seek appropriate medical assistance beforehand which normally involved me being heavily sedated in a padded cell for a few days. I came to Bali for an extended holiday and partly due to covid I couldn't return to the UK and I ran out of medication. I felt that a psychotic attack was imminent and I reached out on social media, terrified that something awful might happen. Help came in the way of Mind Tuning Bali and through a series of balances and other procedures I was able not only to fend off the incoming attack but fortify my resilience and learn useful tools to help me nurture a positive state of being, permanently. I am extremely grateful to Mind Tuning Bali for putting me back on track and allowing me to live a fruitful productive life. Thank You.
I was having difficulty raising money for a motion picture idea that I had worked on and perfected over many years. As an actor I had many contacts in the film industry but kept hitting a brick wall when it came to funding. After doing a couple of sessions with Mind Tuning Bali I came to the conclusion that I didn't actually believe that I could raise the money. It was my own belief system, my inbuilt intuitive poverty thinking which was probably a throw over from childhood. I was brought up in a rough inner city area where crime, drugs and violence were rampant. Money was hard to come by and nobody in my immediate environment seemed capable of breaking the chains of poverty. One session with Mind Tuning Bali changed all that around very dramatically. I got the funding for the movie the same day I did the treatment. My whole mindset changed and I went out there and grabbed the opportunity and seized the day. The movie is now in production and looking to be a great success and I already have the backing for my next production. My own poverty thinking was holding me back. Mind Tuning Bali changed that for me.
David Hay
United Kingdom